About Demos

Demos means “People”.  Some great thinkers, socialists, marxists, anarchists have given the common populace the highest accord in thought and action to bring the desired change. They believe in the “reign of the people”. I don’t know when or if it is going to happen but what I am certain about is that things cannot change till we the common people don’t change.. things will not change till the common minds don’t change.

Change, especially in our country, is required in every sector of the economy, in each institution and at every section of the society. We all recognise this fact and also fantasize or glorify the past (which decade/century..v.problematic yes!) but that is not sufficient. We need to act and the primary step in that is to start thinking critically. We need to challenge, think critically about issues around us. Knowledge that is given to us through several ways is not just supposed to be accepted but needs to be understood and thought over critically. We need to be responsible for what we recieve and accept as knowledge.

In this blog, I pour in my learnings and unlearnings and I invite the readers in this quest for knowledge, for a thinking free from boundaries of biasness, political and social obligations by providing me with their thoughts/feedback to broaden my understanding over issues. Together we will bring the Change!


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