Why I speak for Raza Khan, a Pakistani citizen


There are some “concerned” people who keep texting and questioning me. They tell me to remain silent because I am an Indian. Yes, I am an Indian but Raza is my friend. How can I remain silent if my friend has been missing? Friendship is based on values which are in essence, natural, free-flowing and do not recognise borders.

Secondly, Raza Khan, besides being part of many campaigns, is convener-Pakistan of an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative. Very obviously the Indian members will speak! We will talk about his role in our initiative, what work he did. We will talk about what we do, we will talk, not just for him but for ourselves as well that we are not doing anything that contradicts our role and duty as a citizen of our respective countries.

Third, in the world today, there are shrinking spaces for freedom of speech, for any dissent and most importantly, for peace. We all are facing challenges, with varying degrees. A threat to him or any peacebuilder anywhere, is a threat to peace everywhere.

Fourth, Raza works for peace, justice and rights for all. Anyone irrespective of his/her nationality who believes in these values, has a right to speak for him.I spoke in favor of Malala, Binayak Sen, Irom Sharmila, Raif Badawi, Snowden and anyone who represented these values and unfortunately, today I speak for my own friend.

Join the #FindRaza campaign if nowhere then atleast on social media. Post, share about Raza, his commitment to peace, his country using hashtag #FindRaza.


Peace Internship Program

Source: Peace Internship Program

Peace Internship Program

With the objective to increase the peace tribe, Aaghaz-e-Dosti launches peace internships. The Peace Internship Program is a four-week internship program (can be extended) which while being specialized in a specific field – writing, research, video editing and designing, will inculcate an understanding of peace and conflict in context of the Indo-Pak issue. The internship will equip you to understand conflict, and contribute to peace between India and Pakistan.

The Peace Internship Program has been designed keeping in mind the voluntary nature and the time constraints that may bound an individual. The program is home-based and easily doable but does require hardwork. An intern will have to devote about 10 hours in a week.

Since this is a non-funded initiative, we will not be able to offer any monetary remuneration. However, the interns will receive a certificate on the completion of the internship program.

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is seeking:

Writing Interns


Writing Interns will be given a maximum of 4 different writing assignments which may include movie review, article, poem and fiction story. Feedback will be provided on the writing style, analysis and understanding of the conflict.


  • Good command over written English
  • Prior knowledge of writing skills
  • Ability to analyse issues
  • Able to meet deadlines and complete one assignment (writing and incorporation of feedback) in a week’s time

To apply, please send a writing sample along with your CV and statement of interest.

Research Interns

Work: This will be done in a group. A group of 4 people will work on a particular issue that informs the Indo-Pak Conflict. The team will divide the work and will be involved in compiling, analyzing and documenting data. The objective of the research team will be to understand the issue from different perspectives.

Data collection will involve finding and reading existing works, collecting data through survey and interview method.

The team will write a joint report. Besides the report, they can also explore creative, alternative methods to present the findings.

Eligibility: Any previous experience in research will be preferred. To apply, please send your CV and statement of interest.

Video Interns

Interns will make video on particular issue, in collaboration with research team or independent. This will involve video making and editing work.

Eligibility: Some experience in video making/editing is mandatory. Please share any previous work along with your CV and statement of interest.

Design Interns – photo editing and designing of posters (content will be given).

Eligibility: Some experience in designing and photo editing is mandatory. Please share any previous work along with your CV and statement of interest.

The first peace internship will start from 20th June (tentative date). Please do not apply if you will not be able to commit one month (10 hours a week) for this program. 

Deadline to Apply: 15 June 2017

To apply, please email with the above-stated documents to aaghazedosti@gmail.com